Xentrix Sign to Listenable Records

We’re excited to announce our signing to Listenable Records and the imminent release of ‘Bury The Pain’ the first album with the new Xentrix line up. When we started writing new material we decided to bring the bands sound full circle and steer more towards the first two Xentrix albums. The addition of Chris Shires on bass and Jay Walsh on vocals/guitar have added a new flavour to the Xentrix sound and coupled with the crushing production from Andy Sneap we feel this album is our heaviest yet!


Xentrix back catalogue finally on iTunes, spotify and amazon

We're delighted to announce that you can now listen to the old Xentrix albums on iTunes,  Spotify and amazon. It's taken a while to finally sort out some of the issues that have kept our back catalogue from entering into the streaming age, but we've finally managed to get Shattered Existence, For whose advantage, Kin and the Ghostbusters single online.